We can edit the music for the rally and the contest.
For exsample, Rhythmic Gymnastics,aerobics,and the bodybuilding.

Specified time is adjusted.
The tempo is adjusted. The acoustic pressure reinforcement, the level balance,
and the equalizer correction are done.
The attack and the sound effect are added.

It corresponds to symphony, the Rock, Soul, Rap, Trance, Black music, salsa,
tango, dance, Flamenco, waltz, Eurobeat, sound track, ethnical,
and the ambient.

Please improve to the website, and audition a finished tune.
I will mail it to your residence with CD-R when correcting,
and completing it.

Please pay in the bank in foreign countries.
There is a place not mailable either, and confirm

it by the country,please beforehand.

Moreover, interested company in our studio
and the agent with whom it cooperates also
are recruiting it.

Our address:
wave charge studio

zip 308-0846

Phone: +81-296-28-8720
contact: keiichi masuko



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